Mercè Martí Queralt

Chairwoman and CEO
Kreston Iberaudit




Over my more than 25-year career, I’ve had time to learn, lead new projects, gain loads of professional experience and achieve some of my goals. I’m starting this blog to delve deeper into the topics I’m passionate about, share my day-to-day experiences and open up a new, more personal and direct channel of communication for Kreston Iberaudit.


Mercè Martí

The joint audit, a WIN-WIN-WIN model

I am aware that this is a model that has tried to be established with little success in Spain for various reasons, but I did not want to stop inviting reflection once again in light of the report that the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has prepared, with...

Knowing Liza Robbins

After almost a decade in Morison KSi, Liza Robbins has assumed the role of CEO of Kreston International. I had the opportunity to meet her for the first time at the last Latin American Congress held in Mexico and I have no doubt that the Board took a brilliant...

You, me and sorority

The journalist Selena Soro recently normalised the word sorority for us, a concept that’s on the rise, in the newspaper “Ara”. She provided the relationship between the increasingly popular economist Anna Gener, who was also an auditor, and the businesswoman...