Just a few short weeks after the Kreston International World Conference in New Delhi drew to a close, now we’re saying farewell to 2019…

And, everything in its time, we’re very proud to announce that the generous year of 2020 will bring the next Kreston International World Conference to Spain: Madrid 21-24 October 2020.

Representatives from the 125 Kreston member countries, who were just in New Delhi, have marked our calendars with this latest event in Madrid. And Kreston Iberaudit members, of course, have highlighted our role as hosts.

It is a great source of pride, and also a responsibility for Kreston Iberaudit to host our global forum in Madrid to debate economics, tax issues, auditing and other hot topics in our sector.

It will also be a great time to showcase the term that defines the fourteen Kreston Iberaudit offices in Spain, Portugal and Andorra: ‘Glocal’, because we think global and act local.

There are many challenges involved. And we’ll face even more with our new goals, such as the digital transformation, scouting for new lines of business and continuing the global expansion plan. But we are encouraged and motivated by our slogan, “Knowing you”, to build the company and forge a closer relationship with our clients, which is also our wish for the new year. “Knowing you… in 2020”.