Just a few days ago, one of the most eagerly awaited events for me and the rest of the Kreston Iberaudit professionals took place: the Annual International Congress of Kreston Global. Everything we have been able to share for almost a week together is still fresh in my mind: it has been very motivating to be able to exchange points of view and analyse the next steps in order to continue generating knowledge that will allow us to continue growing

Three years had passed since our last face-to-face edition, so we were all looking forward to meeting again and having a reunion that lived up to our expectations. I can happily and proudly say that we did. We prepared with great enthusiasm for this event and the result could not have been better. The work well done was reflected in each presentation and the more than 200 colleagues who attended on behalf of the different international firms were very participative. 

Every day I feel more and more privileged to be part of a team that is committed, professional and faithful to the values that represent us: meetings like this one prove that I am not wrong in thinking this way, but on the contrary, they reinforce this feeling. And I believe that not only I but, I dare say, all the participants of the Congress share this vision of Kreston Global as a large network of firms working in alignment to guarantee excellence and professionalism.

There were so many interesting presentations and round tables during the four days of the Congress that it is difficult for me to highlight some and not mention others. All of them have aroused our interest, as they dealt with topics that are so close to our hearts, such as leadership management and the retention of young talent. At this point I would like to highlight the intervention of my daughter Carla Torras in the Kreston Futures Panel Discussion, in what was her first speech: I can only congratulate her for the professionalism she showed during her presentation, which I attended full of emotion and pride. 

I was able to extract very interesting ideas to apply from now on, so I also feel very grateful for the active participation of all attendees to share proposals that make us all grow. 

High-calibre speakers

In this sense, we have had the opportunity to have speakers of great stature. I would like to thank all of them, from colleagues from Kreston Iberaudit and other international firms to external speakers such as: Marta Blanco Quesada, President of CEOE International; Mariana Ferrari, CEO of DOOIT, expert in Marketing and Innovation, and Enrique Quemada, President of ONEtoONE Corporate Finance Group. 

Of course, I would also like to express my thanks and sincere congratulations to Liza Robbins, Rich Howard, President (CEO and Chairman of the Board of Kreston Global, respectively) and Elena Ramírez, Director of the International Office and member of the Board of Kreston Global. 

I would also like to highlight that, coinciding with the celebration of the Congress and in the same place (Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid), the Latin American Meeting 2022 took place, in which we discussed the synergies and collaborations that the different Kreston Global firms have carried out, analysing various case studies. Elena and I participated in the presentation together with our colleague Francisco Bracamonte, partner of Kreston BSG Mexico, Legal and Tax Area and Managing Partner of LATAM.


My conclusions

As the motto of this conference says, you have to ‘get to know each other better to build a better Kreston’, and that’s what we did! One of the things I value most about these annual meetings is the learning, the exchange of ideas, the synergies… In short, the community culture that identifies us.

On the other hand, I think the choice of topics could not have been more appropriate. There was enormous interest in all the presentations and round tables. This meeting allowed us to share the challenges that we share at Kreston Global and that constitute a challenge for the entire accounting and advisory sector.

While we had some exciting moments throughout the Congress, I would like to highlight the screening of our new corporate video during the Host Firm’s Welcome. We are very proud to have been able to present it in the most appropriate setting. It was fun to record it and very satisfying to see it projected on the big screen with the rest of the Kreston family.

I am convinced that, as has been the case so far, the next editions will be full of knowledge and experiences worth sharing. For our part, we will work, as we always do, with passion to achieve this.