Mercè Martí Queralt

Chairwoman and CEO
Kreston Iberaudit




Over my more than 25-year career, I’ve had time to learn, lead new projects, gain loads of professional experience and achieve some of my goals. I’m starting this blog to delve deeper into the topics I’m passionate about, share my day-to-day experiences and open up a new, more personal and direct channel of communication for Kreston Iberaudit.


Mercè Martí

An unforgettable Kreston Congress


We are Kreston, we are your best option!

Due to the current pandemic situation, we were not able to hold our annual congress as usual. So, we looked for an alternative, an activity that would allow us to meet again and have a great time together. And we came up with the opportunity to do something different,...

We are celebrating our Golden Anniversary!

At Kreston Iberaudit, it’s our birthday, and not just any birthday! . We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Kreston Global, the international network we belong to and to who we are deeply committed. We are celebrating by remembering all those people and all those...