It’s nearly autumn and this extremely atypical summer is drawing to a close. But we’re here, ready to get back to it, prepared for the “return to activity, which is not to say normality” and “to take up everything that was put on the back burner all those months”. We’re all aware that we’ll have to live with Covid-19 for the rest of 2020, but we’re much more prepared for that both personally and professionally.

And these new challenges we’ve faced in recent months have made us stronger as a company and have pushed us to embark on new projects. Right now, we’re laying the groundwork for a new service we’re working very hard on, which we’ll have more information about as we get closer to rolling it out.

It is a partnership between Kreston Iberaudit and the Expatland Global Network. This will bring together multidisciplinary professionals from all over to world to provide comprehensive advisory services to expats moving to a new city, on tax issues, housing, education and health, among other topics. Specifically, this new service is geared toward expats, company founders and entrepreneurs, moving to any city in Spain who need comprehensive or specific advisory services. So, Kreston Iberaudit will round out its services with those provided by Expatland, geared toward the 3% of the global population living and working in a different country.

And, although the current situation may not seem all that favourable, we’re sure that once travel restrictions are lifted and companies get back to normal this service will be highly interesting, opening up new opportunities to help our clients wherever they need it. This reaffirms one of our core pillars: to provide quality global, international service.

Mastering new dynamics for working and internal and external communications, as well as the technology currently available, has allowed us to adapt to the new demands of today’s market. We’ve adapted our workspaces, implemented telecommuting and redirected our contact with clients, without affecting the quality of our work. All of this has given us the confidence we need to continue pushing forward and to make this service a reality in the near future.

All of us here at Kreston are excited and driven to keep moving forward in this new chapter that is beginning, staying objective yet optimistic about the new reality on the horizon.

Finally, remember to keep being careful and take care of yourselves.