At Kreston Iberaudit, it’s our birthday, and not just any birthday! . We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Kreston Global, the international network we belong to and to who we are deeply committed. We are celebrating by remembering all those people and all those events which have helped to make us who we are today, both internationally and locally.

Kreston was founded in 1971 following an agreement made in London between two companies from two different countries and since then has embarked on a long journey to eventually become one of the largest independent accountancy, auditing, and consultancy networks in the world.

We are proud to say that all of our member companies have the same vocation and objective which has helped make this international network thrive for over five decades: making it possible for other companies to expand beyond their borders.

 As is often said, at the start it is never easy. But the political and economic events during the first decade laid strong foundations for this project to take on everything that would come thereafter.

Learning and growth

The 1980s was an incredible and turbulent time on a social and political level, but there was also huge economic growth and technological advances. The latter allowed Kreston to seek out new opportunities to continue to increase its presence in more and more countries.

Digitalization opened up even more doors during the decades to come and helped the network to continue to grow, adding increasingly important allies and clients to the ranks.

Then the 2008 economic crash hit every country and sector in the world. That was when we, Kreston Iberaudit, became part of this interesting and passionate initiative with the ability to offer audit, consultancy, tax, legal and outsourcing services not just in Spain, Portugal and Andorra, but anywhere in the world. Thanks to this we were able to sign up new clients on an international scale, who saw this as a fantastic opportunity to guarantee the continuity of their businesses.

Despite the global economic outlook, the 2010’s opened up more opportunities to grow thanks to the strength of the unity among all of the member companies of Kreston and the quick and continued technological innovations that were being developed, allowing us to significantly grow at every level.

And we have continued to work hard; driving new lines of business, expanding our presence into more countries, strengthening relationships between members, improving internal communications, and even changing our corporate images for a more dynamic and happier one, turning us into, today, the thirteenth largest accountancy, audit, and consultancy network in the world.

The same as always, but stronger

 Over these last five decades Kreston Global has manged to bring together a total of 170 companies from 120 different countries. This growth has meant that we have become a global leader in the sector.

Getting here has not been easy, but we have been able to get through the different social, political, and economic struggles together, taking on different challenges and knowing how to adapt to create an opportunity out of any crisis.

This means we can now celebrate our 50th anniversary with the conviction and pride of having helped our clients to grow when they were in most need, without any restrictions.

 That is why I would like to congratulate all those people who, through their work, commitment, and consistency, have made it possible for us to provide five decades of growth, innovation, and success on an international and local scale.

We are who we are thanks to all we have been through and learnt together