It is a pleasure to share with you my experience at the Kreston Global 2023 International Congress, which took place in the vibrant city of Dubai from 3-7 December. This event was not only a meeting point for network professionals from all over the world, but a strategic event, key and necessary to continue shaping the future of the organisation.

The conference attracted more than 300 attendees, including leading practitioners and thought leaders from within and outside Kreston Global. The event ranged from inspiring keynotes to panel discussions and interactive workshops, providing fertile ground for the exchange of ideas and collaboration between member firms.

During these days, we had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the most relevant trends that are shaping the future of our firm and profession through the different Global Expert Panels that addressed key issues such as digitalisation and regulatory changes.

During these sessions, we have discussed in detail how these developments directly impact our strategies and services, and how we are proactively adapting to stay ahead of the curve and remain leaders in our industry.

In addition, representatives from Kreston firms in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas have shared their experiences in highly inspiring international projects that encourage us to continuously improve our interaction with our 160 partner firms in more than 115 countries, and to raise the quality of our services by efficiently adapting to the dynamics of the different markets our clients aspire to expand into.

Kreston’s commitment to sustainability has been a constant evolution that has been consolidated year after year and has been a recurring theme at various conferences over the years, so this occasion was no exception. This journey towards sustainability is not only an ethical imperative, but also an opportunity to strengthen the brand’s reputation at a global level, which is why the firm has been making significant efforts to comply with the ESG standards established in its strategic plan, which is why informative sessions have been organised to share how it has been working globally and the objectives achieved. In addition, the Sustainability Committee has carried out various training sessions to adopt sustainable practices and integrate them effectively in all aspects of our operations.

My thanks go to the host companies for their hospitality and to all the participants who contributed to making this event a truly fruitful experience.

Let’s look forward to the future, with our sights set on excellence!