Generational handover is one of the challenges facing our profession. In order to encourage rejuvenation in management positions in companies and foster the generational handover, we have to make judgement calls on how to bring about these much-needed handovers and carry them out in the best possible way.

How? By encouraging the next generation to take over gradually, in steps. They don’t come to us knowing everything, nor with enough experience to take over immediately. So, training the professionals who will be our future leaders is key for them to acquire the skills needed to keep our firms at the level they’ve reached. We simply have to help them settle, guide them, lead them, manage them and encourage them…

Leaders aren’t born, they’re made. And they need to be shown the path to follow in order to inspire and motivate their teams. This is why Kreston International, thanks to the experience and life lessons of the most veteran members, has launched a programme for new partners or senior managers with great potential and experience on an international level. It is a yearly interactive workshop where participants are trained in the skills they will need to lead the teams of tomorrow.

Through the Kreston Future Leaders programme, Kreston’s leaders of tomorrow will be prepared to take over for us, to receive the handover and to improve on what we’ve done. The most noteworthy thing about this programme is that it gives participants skills training in things they need to lead a transversal, multicultural team, including: decision-making, fostering their own network, inspiring and motivating the team, making their personal management style more flexible, etc. Meaning, we’re preparing them to be able to foster corporate culture enthusiastically, integrating both junior and senior members, and to be able to lead the firm in achieving the goals it sets.

Kreston is firmly committed to leading them through the various circuits and levels of the firm in order to acquire the practical skills needed, so we can gradually delegate responsibilities to them, and accompany them on their way up the executive pyramid.

Their path to the top will make us stronger.


Caption: Our partner Juan Gomeza with Liza Robbins, during the Future Leaders Conference.