Us auditors have our day, too. It is on 26 September and is known as Auditor Day or World Auditor Day, although I prefer to celebrate it with an extra adjective: Auditor Proud Day.

This time, however, I would like to highlight that, more than celebrating an ‘anniversary’, it is about being proud to belong to this intense, demanding profession. The pride of being an auditor. This pride isn’t just about one day; it’s every day of the year and of a whole lifetime.

Thinking of auditing as merely bookkeeping means knowing very little about the profession. There is some controversy as to whether the word ‘auditoría’ in Spanish comes from the Latin ‘audire’ or the English ‘to audit’: listen or review/intervene… I like both definitions, and I think they go together. You have to listen (and look) first and then review or intervene later. Which is what we do: look and listen, and then vouch for the financial activities of investors, shareholders and any sort of stakeholder involved in the markets based on a ruling that supports the financial and economic situation of a company.

And this is where our pride comes from, stemming from transparency and trust to bring credibility and certainty not to an individual task of one businessperson but to the whole apparatus of the economy on all levels, and all of society, too.

We aren’t just bookkeepers with calculators and reading glasses, we bring so much more to a company and to society. Auditing, capitalised, and Auditors, also capitalised, are an essential part of the machinery of business production. Giving our opinion not only on the past and present situation, but also contributing our predictive analysis that aims to encourage business management to progress.

And that’s why we’re so proud.