We’ve forgotten our empathy: the ability and emotion that brings us together, that allows us to perceive, share and understand what can affect everyone else we are in contact with, and not only in a professional setting.

We need more empathy and we have too much ecpathy (voluntary mental process of avoiding feelings, attitudes, thoughts and motivations induced or presented by someone other than ourselves), and that ongoing lack of understanding in the simplest day-to-day occurrences: I am me and my circumstances; and you are you… and you deal with yours.

It is out of this situation, out of a generalised need for empathy, that our slogan was born. The slogan of the Kreston international network and ours, of Kreston Iberaudit. A message that has been adopted around the world because it aims to and is being recognised as a declaration of intentions, a personal and professional challenge for a group of more than 25,000 professionals from over 125 countries on every continent.

“Knowing you” hopes to convey the combination of empathy and experience that underlies all relationships between Kreston members and clients.

It is the implementation of empathy that we call for in our day-to-day work, because we cannot ever lose sight of the human motivation at the heart of each decision, challenge and business opportunity.

It is a question of forging a closer relationship with our clients, understanding their problems and applying our professional skills and expertise to come up with innovative solutions.

For all of this, we feel connected personally and professionally with all of you, thanks to “Knowing you”.