It is clear that when we wake up from the total nightmare we’ve been thrown into by this pandemic, which threatens both our lives and our livelihoods, we will be able to tackle the challenges we will face in a world that is not the one we left in early March.

A world that has evolved in all areas of our lives while we were in lockdown. Now we have to learn how to relate, work and study in a different way, distancing, being prudent. And we, as experts in the auditing, consultancy and taxation sector, will come back stronger professionally and cautious, because our actions these days have been exemplary, and it is our responsibility to continue in the same line, helping and guiding those who need it.

As Liza Robbins, CEO of Kreston International, said from the privileged position at the helm of our offices in over one hundred countries, “The role we play is essential to civil society. In fact, it underpins society! Without good financial systems, society cannot function smoothly, just as it cannot function without a good legal system. And without the kind of checks-and-balances we provide for the financial system as auditors, accountants and tax advisors, people will not be able to have confidence in society, either.”

Liza’s opinion is backed by the fact that, in many countries, our professionals “have been classed as indispensable, key workers, because the smooth functioning of the economy – and by extension, society – depends on what we do. Accountancy firms have been absolutely instrumental in helping companies access emergency funding from governments, across the globe. That is not just a technical issue. Being able to access these funds will allow businesses to survive, will maintain livelihoods, and ensure that companies and people can pay their bills…It’s not saving people’s lives physically, but I do think that we will save lives in the broader sense. We’ve helped companies file their accounts and do their taxes under almost unimaginable conditions.”

And life will go on. The balance, or imbalance, of the different approaches to state sovereignty are already leading to a new geopolitical reality, with a return to more borders and reinforcing populist and nationalist movements. And China and the United States defending their supremacy… And we will go from extremely conceited global beings to having our mobility restricted, with closed borders and airports, having to once again depend on ourselves.

But we must also note that this situation is fostering new alternatives that aren’t accidental or circumstantial, such as the clear digitalisation of a society that has been forced to discover the enormous possibilities new information and communication technology offers for both socialisation and telecommuting. For some of our professional activities, the balance is tipping very clearly in favour of either working from home or on site. And the professional services sector is one of them…

In any case, we are facing a new, uncertain scenario, but with hard work, determination and solidarity, we’ll be able to recover and once again look to the future eagerly, with new projects that will bring us the ‘normality’ and ‘peace of mind’ we so yearn for.